Showreel 2014
Erin Teaching at Google - Wideshot
Erin Elkin

A creative actor with a passion for stage, screen, and developing talent; Erin will give everything to any opportunity that benefits her or others around her, bringing a raw and original result that costs her much but achieves more.


Working with Erin

"I know that when working with Erin she is always certain to bring a great attitude to the table, matching her aptitude for the work. Erin is always someone I can rely on to make strong, bold choices."

Kamil Haque
Actor & Founder of Haque Centre of Acting and Creativity (HCAC)

"Erin is committed to every project she takes on; she is a real team player. When directing, she brings out the best in the actors and her students. I have witnessed her take on large scale productions with success. As an Actor, Erin takes the profession seriously and has a natural ability that lends itself range and depth to the audience. I have no doubt her acting skills will take her far on the next stage of her career. It's truly a pleasure to work with Erin."

Jazz Flaherty
Program Director at Drama Arts Ltd.